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this system for winning is for indiviuals and groups like no other

We are all looking for better ways of getting things done, too many times we just dive in. We think we know what it takes. But when you start planning it in detail, you realize the amount of resources and time its really going to take. Experience tells us, it is almost always harder than we planned. The unexpected happens, this all has to be taken in account. Planning the unexpected is impossible because its unexpected. But you can get an idea over time in your plans on how many resources you need to hold on to for such action. We address all of this with ongoing tips and articles.

know what you want

This solution is designed for individuals and groups that want to get things done. Here you can plan with success. Like any action, you must start by knowing what you want. How do you feel now and how will you feel once you get what you want. Will that satisfy what you are needing. Reflect on your goals, make sure it’s going to satisfy your needs.


Everyone feels like they have 101 things to do. We created a list section to take care of this. You can create to do lists, brainstorming lists, or any other you may want. You can change the order, and send them to others. Just being able to list all of this really just a load off your mind. One method for stress relief is often just listing everything on your mind. Once it’s all listed you have a clear mind to focus on one item at a time.

the real story of goals

The goal is what you want to achieve. You can read about SMART goals on another link here. The goal must be challenging it must also be in a time frame and is just a dream with an action plan. That is where we add tasks and milestones to get the action plan in place. We off the option to create assignments and assign them out for the entire goal or just parts. The assigned person can accept or reject it, if accepted they can send updates.

add milestones

Larger and longer term goals need milestones, they may be consecutive or concurrent. It’s a great way to break up the goal for more manageable pieces.

the magic of tasks

Tasks are the action plan. They are the action required to achieve the goal. These can be assigned to one or more people. You can add steps or a list so you can have several small activities under one task.

sh$% happens

This section is here to record those daily unplanned events that eat up your time and emotional energy and the good stuff that happens. We added this so over time you can see patterns and you can hopefully start planning ways to use these to your advantage.

monthly reporting

Each month you will receive a summary report of your activity. This can be very useful in moving forward and helping those on your team. You will receive a report for all those on your team. This is great for employee development, coaching and future planning.


The examples are endless, for the individual, it can cover about any area of life. We will offer tips and direction on the more common areas. We will have articles on weight loss, fitness, finacial, relationships and more. Below we start with a couple examples on how this site works with specific topics

sales management

This is great for a sales organization. The sales manager can create a goal template. It can ask for sales to be achieved, break down of current and new customers. It can include other details such as new products and up sale goals. This template is sent to each sales person for them to create their own goals, milestones and tasks. This includes a discussion area and updates. This creates long term vision with short term action. The contacts can be used as a sales funnel allowing the user to keep info on contacts and set goals and tasks for contacts. The monthly reports will show patterns and will be great in improving overall performance.

coaching and training

This is great for fitness and coaching. A coach or trainer can set goals, milestones and tasks for that time when you are not with you clients. This allows you to track updates and offer feedback and support along the way. You can also get the monthly summaries to track growth.

financial goals

This is great for finance. Your fincial advisor can help you put a plan together, then you can focus it here, set up specifics in making extra money or finding ways to save money. Whether it be a part time job, garage sale or other money making plans or just ways to save money. We will give you the framwork to make your plans.

Daily Challenges

We create action and emotion templates that see if you are up for daily challenges. Starting December 1st we will challenge you to a daily set of challenges. These may include certain random acts of kindness, going out of your way to compliment someone Doing something special for someone close to you. Thanking someone who goes unappriciated. Start pay it forward. Say have a nice day to strangers. Much much more

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